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A Safe Harbour

A Safe Harbour

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Cullercoats Bay, 1895. Titian-haired Kate Lawson ist eighteen when the sea claims her beloved and leaves her with a broken heart – and a shameful secret. Banished from home by her violent father, Kate relies on the kindness of her aunt, until she too is cruelly taken from her. When kate meets Richard Adamson, the owner of a fleet of steam trawlers, she knows she should despise the man who’s stealing the livelihood of hardworking fisherfolk – yet she finds herself falling in love with him. Has Kate found her safe harbour at last, or will the sins of the past destroy her chance for happiness?

Autor: Benita Brown
Ausgabe: 2005
Verlag: Headline
Einband: gebunden
Seiten: 342
Sprache: englisch
Zustand: gut

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