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Moonspun Magic

Moonspun Magic

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You´ve already met Rafael Carstairs, the mysterious sea captain who worked against Napoleon in Calypso Magic. He´s a civilian now and traveling to see his twin brother, Damien Carstairs, Baron Drago, in Cornwall. In the middle of a moonless night, Rafael rescues a young girl, Victoria Abermarle, from smugglers, only to find that she´s trying to escape his twin, who tried to rape her. What´s a retired spy to do with a young girl whose nubile self and sizable fortune are both threatened by his own brother? He does the noble thing, finally. He marries her. And that´s just the beginning of their adventures.... Step into this whirlwind of intrigue, shattering secrets, and black-souled villains that sets brother against brother and pits good against evil. Revisit all the characters from the three Magic novels and see what mischief they´ve been brewing since Midsummer Magic kicked things off in 1810 Scotland.

Autor: Catherine Coulter
Ausgabe: ----
Verlag: Signet Book
Einband: Taschenbuch
Seiten: 407
Sprache: Englisch
Zustand: gut

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