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The North Carolina Gazetteer

The North Carolina Gazetteer

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There is no state glossary for the Atlantic Seaboard (possibly anywhere) that can compare in quality with Bill Powell´s glossary of North Carolina.-Raven I. McDavid, Jr., University of Chicago One can´t get all this information anywhere else.... The book is practically a must for anyone interested in the state´s geography or history." North Carolina Historical Review. Devils Elbow. Whim Knob. Mush Island. Here in one thick volume are 20,000 entries that locate the geographical features of North Carolinacounties, towns, cities, rivers, creeks, lakes, mountains, gaps, ridges, bays, sounds, inlets. All are listed and in many cases the derivation of the name and additional historical data are included. The North Carolina Gazetteer is a fascinating and indispensable reference for Tar Heels (and those who wish they were), tourists, students, historians, geographers, journalists, and genealogists. (Ausgabe 1968)

Autor: William S. Powell
Ausgabe: 1968
Verlag: Chapel Hill
Einband: kartoniert
Seiten: 561
Sprache: Englisch
Zustand: mittel

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